Why refrain from makeup

Why avoid makeup for photo sessions of teenage girls…

Dear mums, I know how lovely it feels to have your daughter portrayed when she is growing up, with a couple of years till she comes of age and becomes an adult. It’s pure joy to capture immaturity which will pass so fast. I understand you only want the best for her. Your daughter is beautiful, and you’d like to provide some makeup for her photo shoot so that everything turns out just perfect, wouldn’t you?

I’m a photographer. I photograph women. I photograph my clients’ daughters. And I would like to share my point of view regarding “photo session makeup”. Please believe, the beauty of your daughter lies in her natural self and consists in how charming she is just by being there. You don’t need to add anything to it. I’m a portrait photographer and have been photographing women for years. I photograph children and teenagers, capturing the moment and, most importantly, your perspective of them. The way you know them from home. You know perfectly when they are absolutely natural. Taking photos of children and teenagers is really about how I can talk with them and distract them so that I capture the way they are, without casting a smile they rehearsed in kindergarten photos and their own selfies. That’s exactly why it feels so charming not to change your daughter’s looks for a more mature image: there will be so many opportunities later to apply makeup. Why do it when she’s 15, for instance. I do think it’s a pity. When she stands at the altar, you’ll just love the photos from the times when she was still a little child. When she was immature. That’s the treasure I’m speaking about: to capture in photos your daughter exactly the way she is.

Dara Kuźmic