Why present your mum with a photo shoot as an experience

Because you only have one mum. Because mum means love and understanding. Because mum has reached an age when she might not think she could be the focus, and it would be a moment for her only. Because mum is there for us, always and here. Because mum is the person who gave life to us. The life we’re living. You might think she wouldn’t want it (I’m speaking of a photo shoot), but you can hardly imagine how much it could mean to her. In her modesty and care, she might never realize she could be beautiful, all made up, stylish, looking at her own photos that she might enjoy. So be sure: when I do photo shoots with ladies old enough to be grandmothers, they perceive this to be an experience worth talking about for a long time. It’s something new and charming: it’s a moment when you drag her out of her mundane life and give her an unusual experience through a photo session.

Offering a photo shoot as an experience for your mum can be arranged as a joint session for both of you. Most times, it’s young mums posing for photos with their children, but don’t forget one fact: we’re still someone’s child even if we are 40 or 50 years old. We’ll always remain daughters and sons for our parents. They enjoy seeing their children, no matter what age they are. And this simple core principle of life is often forgotten. You mum might be 80 but she’s still a charming lady happy to have you. And the photographs, either solo or with you, will always remind her of time, mood, appearance and closeness.

Be sure: you’ll never make time come back!