our photos
about my love
for my daughter
her closeness
to me

...I live and I am and here
My story 🙂 I always wanted to have pictures of myself. As my 40th Birthday was approaching, I called Dara and we set a date for my photoshoot. I was slightly nervous on that day but Dara was great, very friendly, funny and overall outgoing. She made me feel very special and guided me through the whole process. I loved my pictures! I gave my pictures to my husband as a present and he loved them very much as well. It was a great decision and a wonderful experience. Martina Sutor
I had shooting sessions in the past with Dara on several occasions, where she was working with myself alone and together with my mother. The sessions with Dara were an amazing experience, thanks to her warmth, professionalism and her ability to really get the best out the person she works with. The final result are beautiful pictures, which I look at over-and-over again! Martina Tabor
"Looking at your photos triggers a smile and tears in me, bringing out emotions and memories.
The moment you give us. The moment you'll capture for us, for our loved ones.
Thank you for your time, energy - for the piece of yourself. "
"She captured my children
like the most beautiful angels;
and they are that,
except they grow fast.
Now, I view the photo
as if it were taken years ago.
Marcela Maxim
"The most
beautiful photos…"
Jana Gilchrist
"I spent a wonderful
photo shooting afternoon
with Darinka:
besides creating
stunning photos,
we also had a good laugh 😊…"
Katka Sikorová
"A really nice
and agreeable photo session,
interspersed with laugher and joy.
We enjoyed both
the boudoir session
and the session with my partner.
Thank you."
Michaela Gryčová
"Thank you for both
a wonderful photo shoot and,
mainly, a nice approach
and patience with me
and my children.
The splendid photos
that Dara produced
will be a great memory
and a wonderful present for me :)"
Radka Zmijková
"The photo session was great,
and Dara was very responsive:
she waited until the baby
would wake, be breastfed,
so my daughter got some sleep
during the photo session :)
Everything was done with
a dose of calmness and understanding.
All our family enjoyed
the photo session very much.

Thank you
for the wonderful photos!"
Taťána Hupková
"Thank you
for the great photos
that leave me amazed
every time
I pass by them :) "
Jana Petrášová
"The photo session
had a pleasant atmosphere,
which shows
in the resulting photos.
I'm not narcissistic
but I have great photos
by Dara!!!

Thank you :)"
Ivana Sauerstromová
"Thanks a lot:
for the great day,
for the memories,
for the moments.
Everything is
perfectly captured
in your
superb work."
Kateřina Ondraszková
"I've known Dara for a couple of years
and had a couple of photo sessions
with her. I must say she's grown into
a full-fledged professional with
a great sense of empathy. I don't think
there's any photographer apart from
Dara who would care so much about
the people she takes photos of. She
sees only the nice part in them and
knows how to capture it. And it
doesn't stop there. She knows how to
capture the emotions that turn photos
into more than mere images. A photo
shoot with her is a great experience.
I wish every woman could have this
experience. Thanks, Dara!"
Lenka Martynková
"Thanks for a wonderful morning
in a studio with a superb feel
and energy oozing from Dara's
photos. Thanks for
the great photos in which
she is able to capture
the right moment and emotion...

Thanks to her, I and my daughter
had a good time. A memory
and an experience to be cherished forever.
Gabina Kolomá
"My whole photo session with
my daughter was a great moment
that will be remembered forever.
A really big thank you to Dara.
Dara is a professional with all
it involves, but she's also
a great woman. Ladies, I can
understand now how
demanding the jobs of both
a photographer and a model are.
The result was worth the effort,
though. Every single photo that
you'll find in Dara's portfolio
is a superb showcase for her,
no matter what the subject
or topic is. I and my daughter
recommend her."
Natalie Szmeková
"I was surprised when I was contacted by the Good Angel Foundation saying Darinka (one of these Good Angels) would like to take photos of my family. It goes without saying we were really glad and accepted the invitation. Darina was a really nice, friendly, but also professional person who gained my respect, because it takes a whole load of courage to take photos of my two wild imps. We had an incredibly good time, the environment was pleasant, as was her approach. And the photos? Splendid! My daughters will have a wonderful keepsake to remind them of their childhood. Wonderfully captured moments. Thank you very much, Darinka😊" Šárka Liberdová