Frequently Asked Questions

Will my photos be published on the Internet?

No, not if you don’t give me permission to do that. In order to display their photos on my website or have them printed to present my work, I ask every client for their permission in writing. No one will find out I took your photos unless you give me your consent.

I feel I’m not photogenic. Can I still book a photo session with you?

I photograph people and I love their authentic feel. That’s the best thing about them. Each or us is unique. My work is to capture your natural self.

I’m no longer the right age for a photo shoot (or: I’m not slim enough).

I can’t agree with that. After all, every age offers its own specific charm. I take photographs of many people over the age of 50. But not everyone feels like having their beautiful photos published in my profile. Still, I promise I’ll do my best to find your natural self and show your personality in the best way.

Should I bring my own clothes?

First, I’ll be happy to give you some tips on what clothes are ideal for photography in order to enhance the impression from your photos. If you wish, I can lend you clothes, shoes and jewelry.

What about Boudoir photos, do you lend underwear too?

No. Underwear is part of your personality, underlining your style and creativity. It’s highly personal and intimate. Naturally, shoes, jewelry and gowns are available if you wish to use them.

How should I style my hair? What about makeup?

I ensure hair styling and makeup if requested by clients.

I have acne and cellulite. What about that? Will you retouch it?

I do some light image editing. I remove skin issues. But I still preserve your face. I don’t smooth out someone’s skin to make a 60-year-old look like a 20-year-old. I’m convinced that photos should convey your spirit and beauty.

What if I book a photo session, but find out the appointment time isn’t convenient for me? Can I change it?

Yes, of course. Sometimes, you may need to reschedule your session. If necessary, the appointment can be changed if you inform me in advance, at least 7 days before your session date. If you fail to turn up for the photo session or you cancel later than 7 days before your session, I will not issue a refund. Your photo session is booked for you only.

Can I bring a friend or a family member to the photo session?

My preferred arrangement is one-to-one sessions. The person whom I photograph also feels best if there are no witnesses. Naturally, when I take photos of children, their parents are with them. But to portray women, it’s best for you if it’s just the two of us there, you and me.